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The Minnow - Small Hand Held Loom (Weaving Package)

The Minnow - Small Hand Held Loom (Weaving Package)

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Small Hand-Held Loom w/ Additional Tools and Accessories

  • A very comfortable "waist" is cut in the center of the loom so you can hold it easily with one hand, or set it comfortably on the top of a table.
  • Easy to travel with when commuting and taking on family trips.
  • A great loom for children, as well as for the advanced weaver who would like a pallet to try out a pattern, before putting it on their large loom.
  • This is a great package to gift someone!

Loom Specs:

  • Weaving Area: 8.5" x 6"
  • Width: 6"
  • Length: 11"
  • 1/8" tooth width and 1/8" space between the tooth, giving you spacing for the warp of 1/4" or 4 epi. Easy to double warp too!
  • Materials: Northeastern Cherry and Walnut
  • Finish: Light Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish


  • (1) - Minnow Loom
  • (2 to 4) - Balls of Yarn (Various colors, Our Choice) 
  • (1) - Winding Warp/Thread String
  • (1) - 8" Wooden Shed Needle
  • Enough material to make 2 to 3 projects
  • Our Weaving book that highlights the Minnow


  • Usually ships within 10 business days
  • International shipping available, but applicable duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility at the time of import. We are not responsible for any delays in transit due to customs.
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