Custom wooden weaving looms, accessories, and tools. Manufactured in USA.

Hand Crafted Looms

Lost Pond Looms & Eden Bullrushes, Inc. is family-owned and operated in Eden, NY, specializing in the manufacturing of hand-crafted and high quality wooden weaving looms, tools, accessories, and more! Since opening in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. You will not find the same high-quality level of craftsmanship and care that we provide and put into each of our looms and other products.

a small table top wooden weaving loom, heddle bar, weaving sword, needle, and small hand held loom.

Our Products

Eden Bullrushes, Inc. builds its reputation on more than just "hand made" quality of products. Integrity and fulfillment of our customers' expectations are a key to our success.

We use only high quality Northeastern Hardwoods such as Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Red Oak in the manufacturing of our looms, accessories, and tools. All our looms are designed for ease of assembly, and the quality is of the highest standard. You will be pleased showing your loom in your home or studio.

  • large hand-crafted hard wooden vertical weaving loom with adjustable height and tilt feature

    Handmade Hardwood Weaving Looms

    All of our weaving looms, tools, and accessories are hand-crafted with the utmost care. No product leaves our shop before being tested and examined for quality assurance by a trained and experienced professional.

  • hand-crafted small hand held wooden weaving loom with book and additional tools and accessories.

    A Loom for Every Skill Level

    Whether you are an artisan looking for a new loom to practice your craft, a novice looking for the right tools for practicing, or somewhere in between, we have looms, accessories, and tools just for you!

  • large vertical wooden weaving loom manufactured with materials locally sourced from Eden, NY. Heddle Bar.

    Made in America

    All of our products are manufactured and assembled at our shop in Eden, NY, using locally sourced materials.

  • bulk custom hand-crafted solid wooden weaving looms, accessories, tools, heddle bars, weaving swords, needles

    Custom and Bulk Ordering

    Teaching a class?
    Wanting to purchase a unique gift for that crafty someone in your life?

    We offer bulk bundles for our looms that put the right tools in the hands of all your students, and weaving packages that make great gifts.

    Contact us for more information, and special pricing on bulk orders of looms, tools, and accessories.

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