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Rotating Heddle Bar for The Peeper, Dragonfly and Bullfrog Looms

Rotating Heddle Bar for The Peeper, Dragonfly and Bullfrog Looms

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Rotating Heddle for Our Peeper, Dragonfly, and Bullfrog Looms

  • 3 Sizes Available:
    • The 14" size fits our Peeper loom.
    • The 20" size fits our Dragonfly loom.
    • The 26" size fits our Bullfrog loom.
  • Material: Northeastern Hard Maple
  • Finish: Unfinished

Additional Info:

  • A heddle bar is great for separating threads on your loom in order to pass a sword or a shuttle through from end to end.
  • Rotating the heddle bar lifts threads alternately allowing tools to pass in either direction.
  • The Large Crane Heddles are approximately 1-3/16" square
  • Spacing is based on 4 TPI. Spacing is 1/8"

Important Notes:

  • This product is only a heddle bar with needed hardware; it does not include any of the looms for which they are intended for.
  • Please make sure you know which size Heddle Bar you need.
  • These Heddle Bars are designed to fit our looms specifically. On occasion, a customer finds that they work well on another manufacturer's loom. However, we highly recommend measuring your loom, if it is not one of ours, before purchasing.
  • Our heddle bars are set for ASME sizing. This means that they will not fit any loom that is built with metric dimensions. Examples would be Schacht, BEKA, LeClerc Looms, or other European based loom manufacturers.
    • Since July 2019, we were told by customers who own Harrisville tapestry looms, that our heddles will fit some of the smaller Harrisville looms.


  • Usually ships within 7-10 business days
  • International shipping available, but applicable duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility at the time of import. We are not responsible for any delays in transit due to customs.
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